judi huck

Judi Huck


My approach to marketing is based on research, whether surveys, analyses, feedback and testimonials. I've worked in tech and at nonprofits in social justice, arts and associations, and much of the marketing messaging I was responsible for was like a matching game -- connecting customer and member needs to our product and service offerings.

I led segmentation efforts around profession and experience level, geography and location, and other criteria. I've also segmented by platform, as some marketing channels are more appropriate for certain audiences.


In communications, I seek to answer questions of why and how -- what distinguishes our company against its competitors? Why should a donor give to our nonprofit?

My communications experience includes traditional media and selling our story through pitching stories and press releases, and telling our stories through weekly blogs, monthly newsletters, quarterly publications, annual reports, etc. I've secured coverage and created content for the technology, cultural and health care sectors.

My next big thing is to master the art of visual storytelling, including event photography and data visualization.

About Judi Huck

I lived in Italy for five years. Though slightly out of practice, I'm told by restaurant servers that my pronunciation is impeccable. I am inspired by nature and intrigued by architecture. I'm a force to be reckoned with on Audible -- you should see my badge collection!