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Now I can use my dSLR like a boss!

September 1, 2012

Judi Huck

Master of the Camera

Frank Wang is one of those “master teachers” on Skillshare. I much needed and completely loved his recent class on getting familiar with dSLR cameras.

When I tried to teach myself how to be fancy with a camera, I often got intimidated by the vocabulary. Frank made this class super basic and easy to understand. I even got to take home the following infographic (gag! infographic).

Photo Living in the Stills

Settings Save the Day

The photos I’m trying to take are actually some of the most difficult subjects you can capture – fast moving people in a dim-light room. The major takeaway from Frank’s class was: Play with the ISO. I think I’m so cool now!

Looking forward to what’s next. Still need to buy some gear, including a tripod and external drive. Baby steps, as they say. One thing’s certain: Auto-mode is no longer allowed. Gotta work my way up to shooting a dSLR like a boss!

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