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Scoring with Skillshare: Mentioned in The New York Times

October 30, 2012

Judi Huck

My Life, Measured in a Million Minor Victories

A week ago I helped draft a letter to a very busy reporter. Receiving somewhere around 300 emails a day, I imagine, the probability of our pitch succeeding was a long shot. This particular reporter and I had never interacted, never established a rapport. In fact, she wasn’t even on my media list until minutes before I sent her an email.

Yet the fact that she opened it, and the fact that she read it, told me I had done at least two things right. 1. Wrote an effective subject line and 2. Wrote an interesting lead. The lead is what some people in the reporting business refer to as the “opening sentence.”

Now the fact that we were mentioned, is a major source of joy and celebration in my modest life. At this time I’d like to thank the little people :)

All Things Are Possible Through Education

Jerry Guo taught an awesome Skillshare class last year, called How to get profiled in The New York Times. Our mention, although, not technically a “profile,” was assisted made possible by having taken his Skillshare class.

In short, I learned to be targeted, be succinct and be brief. At this point, I’ve taken over 39 hours of continuing education classes through Skillshare. (I am also an SEO instructor.) Yet his instance was probably the greatest example of a Skillshare class – literally – paying off. In ticket sales for WHITE WAVE Dance Company, that is!

So thank you, Jerry. And thank you, Skillshare. Learning from you makes my life better.

See our dance listing in The Times.

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