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Humble brag: social media prowess

July 31, 2013

Judi Huck

Something about the end of summer/start of fall has once again put me in a reflective mood.

I even dug up an old Bucket List, which I can at least say I’ve initiated, and accurately refer to as a work in progress.

For now, I reflect upon my successes. In the past ten weeks at my current post, I’ve helped:

  • Gain over 1,000 new fans on Facebook (>10%) — purely from organic posts and thoughtful, quality content
  • Double the average impressions per post

Aside from that, I’m excited about smaller, everyday victories. Today, for instance, I got support from two community partners in promoting our organization. And next week, I’m looking forward to representing the organization at a nationwide conference. I hope to share photos from the event, so keep your eyes peeled!

What are *your* victories, whether overtime or for the day? And have you told your roommates about them and posted updates on the fridge?!

InDesign For The Win

June 11, 2013

Judi Huck

Crawl. Walk. Run. Fly.

I should probably start building my profile on Dribbble. For some reason Behance seems a little over my head…

As previously stated, I started some serious design work.

Click the following for a look at Judi Huck’s first program with InDesign (thanks again, friends at Absolut Color!).

There’s one page I wish I designed differently, but that’s an opportunity for my next program layout. Overall, this process was a major challenge and learning experience. Like many workers assembling such marketing/promotional materials, I dealt with various text, image and formatting changes. Naturally, these have the tendency to occur under the pressure of tight deadlines and turnaround times…

Thank the printer gods things ran so smoothly with my first official, professional print order! And thank the employment gods it wasn’t a complete disaster and I still *knock-on-wood* have a job!

I look forward to cleaning my desktop :)

Bleeds and crop marks have been included in the exported file to signify the nature of this work as truly in process.

Crisis Communications Start With A Plan

February 5, 2013

Judi Huck

When NYIBC told me they wouldn’t be holding their 30th Anniversary Competition, I couldn’t help but wonder about the implications…

They were great clients, I even built a site for them, among other interesting projects, last year. My partner, who was with me the day I heard the news, offered words of encouragement. I should be proud of my work, I eventually realized. I should also feel – perhaps honored in a weird way – that I was the one NYIBC called when they needed to go public with the cancellation.

Thus, my last assignment would be: to steer a crisis communications plan for the disappointing announcement and assist the organization’s staff members in handling the situation with grace.

Some twenty hours later, I helped produce:

  • a press release that was circulated to arts reporters on their contacts list
  • a letter from the executive director, which appeared on their blog
  • letters to key stakeholders, including competition applicants who had to be notified of the event’s cancellation, and a an email campaign sent to the entire subscriber base
  • a social media strategy to navigate feedback with the organization’s sizable fan bases on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – with an end goal of channeling responses to email (i.e. offline conversations v. visible and potentially viral ones), and finally
  • a list of FAQs to help guide their official replies to any resulting inbound requests

So far, so smooth, or so it seems…

Execution was certainly a collaborative effort, though a lot more like clockwork than fraught with emotion. I think all those involved are left with much to ponder, myself included.

What will become of ballet? And what is becoming of dance?

A Social Media Campaign for New York’s Greatest Stage

December 21, 2012

Judi Huck

A Trip to Carnegie Hall in the Fall

Judi Huck Carnegie Hall

I was here.

Judi Huck Irvin Mayfield

To see this.

Judi Huck ROI site visit

Because I helped do this.

Judi Huck Klout

And this.

Judi Huck Twitter ROI hashtracking

Through this.

It was cool. I would do it again.

Professional photos from The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra.

Apologies for the overdue explanation.

Saving the world: one mini-site at a time

November 10, 2012

Judi Huck

NYIBC Temporary Website

Judi Huck NYIBC temporary website

NYIBC Apply Page

Judi Huck apply to NYIBC

Detail: Support NYIBC Page

Judi Huck donate to NYIBC

New York International Ballet Competition ( is one of those clients who are always an immense pleasure to work with. There hasn’t been a day where I have not felt grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to serve on their team.

The screenshots above are from a temporary site I built for them this summer. Which means, a full-scale site renovation will be out any day now. I’m happy for NYIBC and proud for my small part in helping them get there. Cheers to Celebrating 30 Years!

More on my work with NYIBC


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