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Saving the world: one mini-site at a time

November 10, 2012

Judi Huck

NYIBC Temporary Website

Judi Huck NYIBC temporary website

NYIBC Apply Page

Judi Huck apply to NYIBC

Detail: Support NYIBC Page

Judi Huck donate to NYIBC

New York International Ballet Competition ( is one of those clients who are always an immense pleasure to work with. There hasn’t been a day where I have not felt grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to serve on their team.

The screenshots above are from a temporary site I built for them this summer. Which means, a full-scale site renovation will be out any day now. I’m happy for NYIBC and proud for my small part in helping them get there. Cheers to Celebrating 30 Years!

More on my work with NYIBC

Ode to Sepia (Photoshop Adventures Continued)

August 27, 2012

Judi Huck

Dear Mom, Here’s What I Did This Weekend

Judi Huck ballet website

Once again, I have more excuses for not updating my blog. Here’s why: I spent close to 16 hours working on a new website this weekend. (Twelve of those hours were today. I know. Intense, right?!) Can’t wait to show you.

For now, I’ll just tease you with this sepia-touched photo that’s part of the image collection for the website. I made it sepia because I felt like hipster-izing it. But don’t worry, no other photos were “harmed” in the making of this site. ;)

Journey with my first film

August 14, 2012

Judi Huck

Love is Madness, Madness is Love

I’m in love with my madness.

Making this video has been madness.

Sorta. It’s been madness because it’s my first one, so I had no idea what I was doing. That and the audacity of thinking you can do anything you set your mind to. It still sometimes stops me in my tracks when I stop to think about it.

It *is* a form of madness.

Why? Since we were like five years old we were taught to color within the lines, to occupy little boxes, to exist within very clear definitions….race, gender, career. It’s only the naïve and the crazies (like myself) who will tell you otherwise.

I am not ashamed.

I’ve decide that I’m going to be a force, which is to say I’m going to do whatever the things that obsess me and keep me up at night are.

I don’t care if I haven’t done them. I don’t care if I don’t know how to do them or how I’ll do them. But I won’t tire. I can’t tire. I will find a way. That’s what this video project has taught me.

There are people who can help me. There are people who can help us – in achieving our wildest dreams. We can’t hold back. We can’t hesitate or give in to that false voice that says we can’t.

I know from experience, and in the past two months I’ve realized: the voice of doubt was not my voice. It was not my true self.

Technicality of Producing a Film

I. Music
I don’t really know how I figured out the music. The constraints were that music could not really be tweaked. We had a piece that wasn’t changeable, so we had to decide where to start but we couldn’t really cut the music and make it into a non-continuous piece.

The video we had was longer than the music, so the question was to find the precise starting point for the music. Which wasn’t easy.

I knew I wanted to start on a piano note, instead of strings. It was hard for me to distinguish where the start of the piano and the strings were (presumably violin). I knew that GarageBand could create some kind of graph that would help me visualize the change between the different types of musical instruments. So I opened up the program for the very first time, learned how to use the damn thing and voilà! found the starting point for our film.

The whole video project was supposed to be a learning experience like this. Which is cool, and it’s probably the best way to retain knowledge. Actually working through a problem and teaching yourself is the reason we had homework as children. Damn homework. All for the sake of retention, I suppose.

Eventually, I got what I needed from GarageBand.

II. Voice Overs
Regarding the selection of voices, there were certainly reasons why I asked the people that I asked. We had a variety of accents, as well as what sounds to me like a: soprano, alto, baritone and tenor voice. And somewhere in the film *my voice* was thrown into the mix, Quentin Tarantino style.

Today was about finding the right voice for the right phrase. I’ll have to discuss the script some other time.

Seeing Inside Us

Now I close with the following Vimeo clip of a Mumford and Sons song which speaks to me – about art making, creativity and process.

So what does it mean to be a director after all? It means to have a very clear vision of what you want a final product to be. It means being very opinionated and unafraid of having awkward conversations… where on one occasion (OK, two for this project) you’re on the verge of tears, unsure of whether or not your team is on the same page as you.

To me, being a “director” has meant being unwavering in my original vision – which was never clearly in words, only merely existed as a figment of my imagination. It’s about trusting and believing in that which is unseen.

Perhaps it is about awakening your soul….

Awake My Soul from Motion 117 Productions on Vimeo.

My favorite part about this piece is the child, you’ll see!

And so my closing remarks to you are…

Wherever you are in life, whatever, binds and keeps you
Whatever holds you from doing whatever is it you were meant to be doing
Made to be doing
and do something else
Awaken your soul…

Voices of Legends

August 14, 2012

Judi Huck

Thanking the Little People

Judi Huck voice artistsI haven’t been active lately. That’s cause I’ve been hustling. Tonight I was in a recording studio for two hours, followed by a celebratory meal of tapas (an assorted cheese plate, escargot, potatoes, chicken croquettes, lots of bread and Spanish beer – in case you’re wondering).

Legendary Voice Artists

These are my voice artists, more on our epic film soon! Clock-wise from top left:

Brandon Kress, music maker whom I met through the equally awesome Brian Shoicket

Vanusa Forster, lovely lady from Brazil who works at Fluent City (where I took French classes)

Edgar Pantelejevas, future architect of the year, originally from Lithuania and colleague at NY Creative Interns

Deborah Hartranft, actress/poet/Spanish instructor and good friend from high school

Aren’t they beautiful? Wait til you hear their voices, I’m so excited. I can hardly take a moment to update my blog. ;)

Phenomenal Film Debut

June 18, 2012

Judi Huck

Now I’m a Storyboard Artist!

Storyboard Art Judi Huck

The title of this post is a bit misleading. Sorry. I’m in the process of making my film debut. I haven’t actually made it.

However, I did teach myself the art of storyboarding. I made the art work above myself. I also corralled several friends into helping me with shooting earlier this month. It was pretty incredible, and that is no exaggeration!

To build the anticipation, a very short preview of our phenomenal dance film can be found below. Enjoy.

Film Directed by Judi Huck


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