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Déjà vu – life purpose

July 11, 2013

Judi Huck

I recently wrote a letter, stating something that reminded me of a very old blog post (dated almost exactly three years ago). Excerpts of the letter and post follow, for thought!

“Working for one of New York’s finest cultural institutions and applying my knowledge, experience and fervent passion for online communities, is one of my deepest and longest held desires.

I have worked for a technology startup, where my customer support earned me a mention in The Harvard Business Review, and where my marketing efforts — including multimedia production — contributed to a quarter million new customers and the company’s acquisition. I have also worked for one of the leading consulting firms in online community management, retaining students in its professional training program, and collaborating with marketing managers from Fortune 500s who were guests in the lectures I helped facilitate.

In addition to the innovation sector, I have spent two years in the nonprofit sector, at educational and cultural organizations. From external affairs, encompassing both marketing and development, to program support and project management, I am a proven leader, calm and clear communicator and above all — tireless.”

I wish I could keep innovating, in the fields I am most keen….

from September 8, 2010

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Actually, the question was more like, “If you could do anything other than what you’re already doing, what would it be?”
I confessed that it was to be a writer, and it seems that after two months of relocating to New York, I picked the perfect place to discover the writer in me.
But what does that mean, “be a writer….”
It may not mean anything, or it could mean a great deal of things, I suppose.
I then told my interviewer that I produce content for exactly four blogs. A company blog, two-side projects, and one blog wherein I discuss my feelings. You’re visiting the latter as we speak.
I would love– dare I say love? Yes, love!
I would love to do more of this… to write more about things, people, places I care about. To me, that’s what being a writer really means…Being a writer isn’t about being published. Though, with blogs and made-to-order books, self-publishing is easier than ever.
A writer is one who undergoes a process, which is, the exercise of thoughts on paper. Or machine, as you wish! A writer is crafty and skillful, expressive, entertaining and informative–
all through the mere power of words.
I *live* to write.

(The above blog vanished from the Internets when its platform was dissolved.)

Baby Steps: Layout, One Design at a Time

July 2, 2013

Judi Huck

Baby Steps: Layout, One Design at a Time

An upcoming performance I’m really excited about!

This is the most complex artwork/postcard I’ve designed.

Deets soon :)

Public speaking (from the heart)

June 27, 2013

Judi Huck

Today’s presentation for summer interns at Pentacle

Fundraising & Development Seminar for Arts Administration Interns from Judi_Huck
My favorite part was the end where I told them, “Whether you follow a career in the arts or not in the arts, do what your heart tells you.” *tearjerker*
Wish them all well in their endeavors!

Add that to my skillset!

June 5, 2013

Judi Huck

Jack of All Trades (As I’m Told There’s No Such Thing as A Jill)

I’m lucky to be always learning. Normally my desktop doesn’t look like this:

Judi Huck desktop

In fact, I pride myself on a clean desktop (as it presents the illusion of everything being in order). Though like many of you, my files/folders and inbox are entirely another matter.

I’ve been working on my first printed program, which is sorta funny since I never produced anything when I took a class on InDesign last year. Since, I’ve dabbled in photography and grant writing. More on my last set of grants next time…

For now, I’m just waiting on the crazy work on my desktop to return from the printer as a finished product. A peek is below, and I’ve spent nearly three full days working on it (plus two and a half days multi-tasking, man, that slows you down!). As I’ve said to my proofreaders and editors, I’ll be glad when it’s all over.


Acknowledgements for Accomplishments
To the people who’ve helped me along the way, this wee little blog post is for you. Thank you. You never made me feel bad for asking a “silly” question.

p.s. Is skillset one word? :p

In The Words of Jordan Matter, Be Alive!

November 12, 2012

Judi Huck

Hold that train!

Judi Huck Dancers Among Us Jordan Matter

Await with grace

Judi Huck Dancers Among Us Contest

Photo shoot with Micky Su. Dancer Briana Christian.

Scoring with Skillshare: Mentioned in The New York Times

October 30, 2012

Judi Huck

My Life, Measured in a Million Minor Victories

A week ago I helped draft a letter to a very busy reporter. Receiving somewhere around 300 emails a day, I imagine, the probability of our pitch succeeding was a long shot. This particular reporter and I had never interacted, never established a rapport. In fact, she wasn’t even on my media list until minutes before I sent her an email.

Yet the fact that she opened it, and the fact that she read it, told me I had done at least two things right. 1. Wrote an effective subject line and 2. Wrote an interesting lead. The lead is what some people in the reporting business refer to as the “opening sentence.”

Now the fact that we were mentioned, is a major source of joy and celebration in my modest life. At this time I’d like to thank the little people :)

All Things Are Possible Through Education

Jerry Guo taught an awesome Skillshare class last year, called How to get profiled in The New York Times. Our mention, although, not technically a “profile,” was assisted made possible by having taken his Skillshare class.

In short, I learned to be targeted, be succinct and be brief. At this point, I’ve taken over 39 hours of continuing education classes through Skillshare. (I am also an SEO instructor.) Yet his instance was probably the greatest example of a Skillshare class – literally – paying off. In ticket sales for WHITE WAVE Dance Company, that is!

So thank you, Jerry. And thank you, Skillshare. Learning from you makes my life better.

See our dance listing in The Times.

Dear Mom, What a Summer!

September 5, 2012

Judi Huck

Adding to my recent Dear Mom posts on launching a website and learning Photoshop, I thought I’d do another with a little more info on my new gig at WHITE WAVE.

This month I’ve been focusing on development, specifically:

  • donor relations, interfacing with Kickstarter backers in particular
  • grant research (exciting!)
  • lots of writing, perhaps most notably a sponsorship request form – the first piece of content under my sole authorship

The main challenge has been communicating succinctly. It took me one week, for instance, to draft and get approval for a deceptively simple one-pager. To give a taste, I’m proud of crafting something as simple as the following sound byte:

In 2012 WHITE WAVE will present the works of over 200 dance companies and 850 performing artists, and captivate an audience of over 10,500 people.

Tomorrow’s going to be jam-packed, the first work day of a brand new month and the onset of the season’s full festivities. It’s also the first day of fall dance classes, as well as my initial meeting with the former development director. Not to mention a gala we have to plan and hold regularly scheduled meetings for, starting next week. Am I missing anything? ;)

I’m happy. Really, I’m happy with the work. WHITE WAVE is my official splash into the NYC dance seen and although I didn’t quite land the exact role I was looking for as a nonprofit community manager, I’m doing alright for myself.

If you’re in NYC, you won’t want to miss our free dance performances this September. See you there.

Now I can use my dSLR like a boss!

September 1, 2012

Judi Huck

Master of the Camera

Frank Wang is one of those “master teachers” on Skillshare. I much needed and completely loved his recent class on getting familiar with dSLR cameras.

When I tried to teach myself how to be fancy with a camera, I often got intimidated by the vocabulary. Frank made this class super basic and easy to understand. I even got to take home the following infographic (gag! infographic).

Photo Living in the Stills

Settings Save the Day

The photos I’m trying to take are actually some of the most difficult subjects you can capture – fast moving people in a dim-light room. The major takeaway from Frank’s class was: Play with the ISO. I think I’m so cool now!

Looking forward to what’s next. Still need to buy some gear, including a tripod and external drive. Baby steps, as they say. One thing’s certain: Auto-mode is no longer allowed. Gotta work my way up to shooting a dSLR like a boss!

Ode to Sepia (Photoshop Adventures Continued)

August 27, 2012

Judi Huck

Dear Mom, Here’s What I Did This Weekend

Judi Huck ballet website

Once again, I have more excuses for not updating my blog. Here’s why: I spent close to 16 hours working on a new website this weekend. (Twelve of those hours were today. I know. Intense, right?!) Can’t wait to show you.

For now, I’ll just tease you with this sepia-touched photo that’s part of the image collection for the website. I made it sepia because I felt like hipster-izing it. But don’t worry, no other photos were “harmed” in the making of this site. ;)

Photoshop FTW

August 24, 2012

Judi Huck

Dear Mom, Here’s What I Did Today

Judi Huck BeyondGold


So, what do you think? Seriously. What do you think?

This is to be a part of the epic dance video!


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